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Unleash the power of the human immune system with QuBind

At QuBind, we're on the cusp of an exciting frontier where the promise of artificial intelligence and the untapped potential of the human immune system intersect. Our mission: to empower personalized healthcare like never before.​

QuBind for Research and Clinical Applications

We are advancing a novel approach to immunotherapy, exploring the extraordinary capabilities of the human immune system to address health challenges. By obtaining a simple blood sample, we isolate key components of the immune response, opening a window into individual health like never before. Our approach harnesses next-generation sequencing technologies to unlock intricate details of the immune system response.

Our focus doesn't stop at the collection of high-quality data. Our unique value lies in the subsequent analysis - here, we employ our proprietary algorithms, designed and refined by a team of experts. These algorithms have been meticulously trained on a diverse range of datasets to distinguish patterns that signal underlying health conditions.

Embryonic Stem Cells

Our Technology

At QuBind, we prioritize cutting-edge, patient-centered care, and our Morten SaaS services embody this commitment. Our dynamic approach enables us to continuously adapt and refine our algorithms with the accumulation of more data, positioning us at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of personalized medicine.

With our SaaS products, we expedite the process of discovering new therapeutics and accurately predicting the off-target effects and success rates of new therapies.


Our personalized approach benefits both patients and biotech customers, as we offer tailored SaaS products that save time and money while providing safer and more precise medication.

We firmly believe that many solutions to health challenges lie within us, and we are dedicated to unlocking them. We welcome you to join us on this exciting journey to redefine the future of personalized healthcare.


QuBind By The Numbers


1000x faster

QuBind optimization routines mimic evolutionary pressure and replicate TCR patents much faster than traditional methods.

Glass Panels

High True Negative Rate

QuBind yields low affinity scores for experimental negative control data.


Ability to Scale

Our platform is comprised of dockerized microservices, offering scalability without sacrificing flexibility.

High True Positive Rate

QuBind recapitulates clinically validated TCR therapies.

Wavy 3D Net

High Specificity

QuBind is specific enough to target tumors with a single amino acid variation.

>100 mill TCR sequences

Our platform is validated on a huge volume of novel, high quality data.


QuBind TCR-T solutions

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